Update: Social Media

As I add more functionality and content to this site, it's becoming more and more apparent how necessary it is to be present on social media. After doing some research on how to gain traction on a blog, how to build a following, etc. etc., I've realized that basically everything is driven by social media. For better or worse. 

It's sort of a bummer, because social media is distracting. WIth the amount of time I've spent consuming garbage on Facebook & Reddit, I could have written several novels. Sites like Twitter and Snapchat not only require our engagement, but our consistent, almost persistent engagement. 

That being said, social media is a really cool way to broadcast your voice for free (or relatively cheap). No longer does major media have a stranglehold on information. 

Maybe I'm a sellout, but I like the idea of having my voice heard around the world by other braindead, cell phone addicted young people. So I just added a billion social media buttons to the bottom of this site. I'll try to get them all unified and posting the content I post here. Hopefully I'll garner a bit more engagement. Worst case scenario, my Twitter remains a wasteland of disengagement.