We're Having a Potluck!

That Embrace of the Serpent review I'm working on? Still in progress. This movie is HUGE, and there's a ton to unpack. It'll probably be my (disappointing) magnum opus, an incoherent love letter to something dark and meaningful. 

In the meantime, here's some stuff about food . . . 

Food Entrepreneurship

As a self proclaimed jack-of-all-trades (emphasis on "master of none"), I like to think myself a good chef. Apparently, so do other people, which is why I'm in charge of the Food Entrepreneur Program at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. 

Our program is pretty versatile, and we've had tons of cool guests make their way through our many events. But our upcoming event, the Food E Potluck, is something I've been waiting to have for a while. 

We're hosting a a free cooking lesson for a lucky 15 of the Lassonde 400, and it's going to be lit. The menu? Blue cheese pasta with thinly-sliced steak, a side of arugula salad with a balsamic dressing, and an avocado chocolate tart for dessert

My favorite part about these events is that we can help students learn valuable skills, in and out of the kitchen. From how to peel garlic, to how to handle a knife carefully, I like to think our program gives students skills that will help them for the rest of their lives.

I'll post pictures from our dinner tomorrow. Keep your eyes out for them!