Bojack Horseman is Really Good

Have y'all seen that show? Holy hell is it good. 

You'd think that a show about a half-man-half-horse former television star would be hard to take seriously, but dang it can be heavy.  

For those of you who don't know, Bojack Horseman  is an animated comedy starring Will Arnett as Bojack, a half-man, half-horse. 20 years ago, Bojack was in a hit sitcom . . . And that's it. In the decades since Horsin'   Around , Bojack has sat back on his wealth and gotten drunk. 

In this crazy, characterized version of L.A., Bojack deals with agents, celebrities, press, and the black void that is the film industry.  

I've been watching it a lot recently, and it's sort of striking a chord. Bojack's biggest fear is that he's already done his best work, and the only place to go is down. It's kind of reassuring in a way, because so many people in film look up to the super young stars, the young guns who create a masterpiece before they're a quarter century old. Really, we should be afraid of that. As Bojack realizes, early success is a curse, because it's hard to have a dream to shoot for after that. 

Anyway, it's a good show. Watch it on Netflix.