Swindler: The Game

In high school, I co-founded Open Mind Gaming, a software development company. 

Right after we founded the company, we heard about an exciting new console called the Ouya. We pooled together money, and doubled down to back Ouya on Kickstarter for a dev kit. 

Once we got access to the tools, we began developing rapidly. The team consisted of two people, myself (artist/sound designer/graphic designer) and my friend Jackson (programmer/designer). Between the two of us, we were able to be one of the first games available for launch on Ouya. 

Swindler is an arcade-style action game, in which the player, Swindler, must kidnap and sell unsuspecting citizens. The iteration of Swindler found here consists of the first level only. After experiencing technical difficulties due to Ouya support, as well as plummeting public interest in Ouya games, Swindler was put on hiatus. 

A trailer for our game can be found here, and a playthrough by YouTuber otakupunk can be found here